Le Crane Ramones Skull Black T-Shirt
Le Crane Ramones Skull Black T-Shirt
Le Crane Ramones Skull Black T-Shirt
Le Crane Ramones Skull Black T-Shirt
Le Crane Ramones Skull Black T-Shirt
Le Crane Ramones Skull Black T-Shirt

Le Crane Ramones Skull Black T-Shirt

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Le Crane Ramones Skull Black T-Shirt

The legendary New York Punk-Rock band has been fully captured in this little Le Crane tribute in the form of a unisex T-shirt. Gabba Gabba Hey!

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Le Crane Ramones Skull Black T-Shirt

  • Unisex T-shirt with Fade Out effect washed out.
  • Four-colour water-based screen printing
  • Designed in Spain
  • Made in EU
  • 100% Cotton
Short Sleeve

We were born in 2015 with the objective of reaching this present full of activity. We wanted to get to the street, be very careful how to show our vision of fashion and what we wanted to show with it; for this we had our talent and our experience.

Five years have passed since we embarked on this project. Thanks to a lot of effort and great collaborators, Le Crâne has come this far. The world has changed, it changes every day; the asphalt yearns for the earth, the speed needs to slow down. We look for a way to be more real, more palpable, to feel more identified with the true and the pure through our style, our collections and our campaigns.

Le Crâne Clothing, is an ensemble where the new and the reverential flow. Where we give great value to all the characters that have marked us by forming our cultural background, their aesthetic contribution, their talent, the mystique that surrounds them and with which they have broken barriers. Characters who have gone down in history as transgressors, to excite us and move us for good and evil. We want to be part of the new impulse that each generation needs, we learn every day from the past trends that have marked us, but we mark our own personality because we believe in the synergy of the different visions of fashion, never in their antagonism. We want to contribute to developing a world without adulterated fantasy and with your love we will do better. We want to set a course where taking care of ourselves is to take care of ourselves and where power is not threatening. By creating that world and believing in it, we feel capable of being better for the society that awaits us, for this new decade, which must move away from the individual and closer to the collective.

Because at Le Crâne we are convinced that we have learned more from rock stars, cinema, literature or painting than from many teachers and laws who taught us something that will never be useful to us.



 All our garments are made with the best quality, however we always recommend to follow the following care instructions for a better conservation.

We do not recommend the use of white detergents and fabric softeners as they may damage the colours.

  Maximum wash at 30º.

  Do not use any type of bleach

  Iron at low temperature and inside out (Max 110º) (do not iron the illustration).

  Dry at low temperature

  Do not dry clean

For our delicate garments containing fringes we also recommend:

 Hand wash (if machine washed, place in a lingerie bag).

 For our dresses we also recommend

 Dry cleaning

For our shirts from the Animalier collection with viscose fabric, we recommend: Machine wash:

Machine wash: viscose garments should be washed at a temperature of 30°C on a delicate cycle. It is advisable to wash together with other garments so that the machine drum does not damage the fabric.

Hand wash: hand wash the garment in cold or lukewarm water at 20°C maximum. Immerse the garment in water with detergent and rub gently. Rinse with plenty of water.


Do not tumble dry viscose garments. Only drying on a hanger is advisable.

It is important to bear in mind that the reaction of viscose to water can change its softness. But don't worry: once dry, it will return to its original feel.


Viscose garments should be ironed inside out with an iron set for silk in a damp state and with an ironing cloth for extra care. It is important not to use the steam function of the iron to avoid damaging the garment. At this stage, the viscose garment will return to its original size.

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