Szade, Sustainable Sunglasses made from recycled materials.

Discover fashionable sunglasses from Australian Szade Brand . Creative and avant-garde designs that will enhance your everyday look and make your eyesight better and protected.

Sustainability + Transparency

Let's be clear: our lenses are not the only transparent thing.

At Szade, we care more about relationships than revenue and more about genuine sustainability than greenwashing. everyone knows that all lasting relationships are built on honesty, openness and a willingness to share and learn, which is exactly why we're starting out this way with you. our goal with szade is to bring the freshest frames in the best colour combinations to our community in the most sustainable, resourceful and accessible way we can and we'd like to share a little more about why and how we do what we do.

We practice what we preach; learn more about our sustainable operations.

At Szade, we take a holistic approach to sustainability. what we do is important, but we also wanted to focus on how we do it. our design studio and our entire team operate out of a repurposed chocolate factory in melbourne, australia. our brand ethos and philosophy of using existing resources to innovate and create led us to this unique space.

How we drive our business

Szade has been part of the cityswitch energy efficiency programme since 2017. szade is committed to this initiative and will continue to strive for better, cleaner and more sustainable energy sources to power our business.

It's the little things

Szade takes a holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring that even the most mundane aspects of the business are carried out ethically for the preservation of the planet's resources. these include ;

- minimising the use of paper and cardboard through practices such as print control and an active policy of total reuse of cardboard boxes in our warehouses.

- reusing materials wherever possible; this is very much in line with our unique recycling process and the brand's philosophy of minimising material consumption and waste.

- recycling 90% of waste to minimise landfill disposal; even composting organic matter for our friends at our on-site worm farm.

- Work has continued on increasing energy efficiency, including the introduction of several automated lighting, heating and cooling systems in our premises, along with efficient light fittings.

- responsibly sourced recycled paper used in all offices.

And the big things

In 2020 we partnered with our neighbours, who share this incredible space, to install a 265 kWp solar array on the roof, powering our business with renewable energy.


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