Num Wear

Num Wear is a brand with a very marked and rogue style. Its designs are very original and its hallmark is the t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps. Spanish brand with ethical and sustainable fashion principles, as well as having the Fair Wear Foundation seal that guarantees fair trade. Discover Roundtrip's new Brand Loco Monky.

NUM wear was born in 2011 in the city of Huesca and is founded by three partners whose idea is to create a clothing brand based on a philosophy of the absurd, not suitable for reasonable minds ...

Currently NUM wear is found in various points of sale throughout the peninsula, and has its own point of sale in the center of Huesca. A space called NUM wear Store where you not only breathe creativity but also dress, a place where you can find the best streetwear brands nationally and internationally.

NUM T-shirts are made of 100% organic cottons grown with renewable energy, and are awarded the Fair Wear Foundation seal, a seal that guarantees that all the people who have participated in the process are working in decent working conditions.

At NUM wear we are known for making ethical and sustainable fashion with a streetwear and urban style, with original and fun designs, and in which all our garments enjoy exceptional quality and touch, which makes both your comfort and your durability are amazing.

NUM wear is not a simple brand, if not a surreal way of seeing the world, a kind of underworld between absurdity and paranoia in which anything goes, we just have to look through the right peephole ...


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