SKFK Necklace Wood Amalfi Pink
SKFK Necklace Wood Amalfi Pink
SKFK Necklace Wood Amalfi Pink

SKFK Necklace Wood Amalfi Pink

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Ahoy! This wavy necklace will remind you the world is constantly flowing. The laser-cut walnut pieces, using only FSC approved suppliers, have been hand-painted with colourful contrasts to create unique jewellery. Chain length adjustable, antiallergic and nickel free.

100% Wood

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SKFK - Sustainable Fashion

We are clear about our message: you saw how you are, how you feel, how you live; Strengthen your identity, express your essence and take care of your environment.

We are an active part of the change we want to see and we encourage consumers to consume consciously and responsibly.

A brand aimed at women who want to embrace a unique design, inspired by art and culture, with a timeless, comfortable and functional style.

Functional, feminine and casual with a creative touch.

We design all our garments from scratch in our offices in Bilbao.

Our fashion is slow; made with love We work two collections a year with exclusive garments and prints.

Connected with our origins, living in a global network. We are present in 38 countries.

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