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Muroexe Marathon Origin Black Shoes
Muroexe Marathon Origin Black Shoes
Muroexe Marathon Origin Black Shoes
Muroexe Marathon Origin Black Shoes

Muroexe Marathon Origin Black Shoes

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Muroexe Marathon Origin Black Shoes
We continue to innovate within the Marathon family. This time with Origin, a more sober and classic model but with the eye always on the latest sports performance and comfort that a sneaker can offer. 

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Composed of a synthetic leather surface with heat-sealed piece to protect the laces and expanded EVA sole with non-slip rubber parts. A totally retro-futuristic model.

- Synthetic technical leather

- Anti-slip

- Expanded EVA outsole


With a damp cloth directly on the spots

We merge the technologies of sports products with the aesthetics of the most formal products to get icons.

Muroexe is simplicity, is future, creativity, well thought out products, is rare, extraterrestrial life, artificial intelligence, Netflix and HBO series, is industrial, is post-humanism, different, possibility to populate Mars, conquest of countries, is science And always look forward.

There are people who love what we do. And people who do not understand anything. Buy Muroexe in Roundtrip.

A balance between sports performance and formal elegance


We analyze the use that the product will have and we provide it with the best possible performance for your real needs.


We look for a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic in all our models.

Our design process

We use between 9 and 12 months in the conceptualization, design, prototyping and testing of new products. We have multidisciplinary profiles, industrial design, fashion design and visual design.

In our design processes we also rely on the opinions gathered from our thousands of customers, through periodic questionnaires.

Our manufacture

We manufacture our products both in Spain and in China. In Spain we carry out new developments, continuous production and limited editions. In China we develop the innovation, the newest materials and we cover an important part of our production.

In all cases we know and visit the factories of both countries very often, we work hand in hand with them and we care that all the people who work in them have optimal conditions and are happy.


We were born in September 2013. The first day we sold 11 sneakers. The second 3 and the third 0. We went for a walk and think what the hell we were doing. After that, unexpectedly in two months we exhausted all our stocks.

Today we are a team of more than 20 people as well as an extensive network of partners including agents, distributors, photographers, communicators and brand ambassadors scattered around the world.

Our HQs are in Madrid

We also have partner offices in Lisbon, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​London, Warsaw, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Toronto, New York and Tokyo :-

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