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Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes
Hoff Andes Woman Shoes

Hoff Andes Woman Shoes

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With these Hoff women's trainers you will walk around the city like the Andean culture did in their villages. Full of colour and vitality. 

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Hoff Andes Woman Shoes - TRIBE COLLECTION

  • Side pieces in suede leather and textile.  
  • Logo over puller.  
  • Heel stabilizer.  
  • EVA midsole 3,5 cm high. Memory foam removable insole. 
  • Serrated sole and printed image inside transparent rubber.
  • Leather certified by the Leather Working Group.

HOFF is the Spanish brand of Sneakers that will make you travel and feel free.


At HOFF Woman our collections tell stories. Our transparent rubber soles allow us to incorporate screen-printed images through a careful process of manual assembly. Each campaign you will find new and exclusive images with different stories so that you can be the protagonist. If you are looking for the Hoff hallmark, we recommend the Hoff London, Hoff Miami or Hoff Rome models, among others. If you want a more sophisticated silhouette, you can favour your outfit with the Hoff Kensington, Hoff Jordaan or Hoff Mayfair models. If you want to remember the most famous museums in the world on your feet, opt for the Hoff Met or Hoff Hermitage models. Take your style to the top with your new HOFF shoes.


The new HOFF Men will make you feel that everyone is looking at your trainers. The Hoff City model is the best known and within this silhouette you can enjoy the Hoff Bristol, Hoff Stockholm or Hoff Washington models. You will also look great with the Hoff District silhouette and the Hoff Sodermalm, Hoff Parioli or Hoff Shoreditch models.

Founded in Spain in 2016, HOFF was created to blur the line between quality, amazing designs, and fair prices. We are a fashion brand global in nature and creative by design. We express that by getting inspiration from iconic world places to create unique designs, resulting in unexpectedly beautiful sneakers you can wear every day.

HOFF designs amazing shoes that fit you like Cinderella. Fashion should be unexpectedly beautiful. Never boring. The key to style is finding balance in contrast. Since its inception, the company has travelled far and wide, seeking inspiration and diversity, bringing unique designs with a soul of their own. And it will continue to do so. Forever and ever.


Remove the laces and wash them, you can wash them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes.

With a light hairbrush carefully scrub the shoe, you can rub with some water and mild detergent but only on the technical materials, never on the leather materials.

Let them dry (for at least 24 hours) and remove excess moisture with toilet paper, kitchen towel or a towel. Air dry them, do not tumble dry as this may damage them. To prevent the shoes from warping and shrinking, make paper balls and put them inside the shoes to keep their shape.

The soles can be cleaned with a cloth, wet wipe or brush, keep the transparent sole clean so that the image of your shoe remains visible.

One tip, the most important thing is to make cleaning a regular habit. Removing stains as soon as possible is essential to prevent them from penetrating the textile fibres and becoming permanent. It is also advisable to protect them with blotting paper or absorbent paper on the inside, especially if they are usually worn without socks, so that the moisture disappears and the shoes deteriorate less.

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