Problems with your card payment?

Security is very important to us. So all our payment systems, offer security assurances to our customers.
For card payments , we use secure payment systems Visa (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard ( SecureCode ) . 

If you tried to pay by credit or debit card and the system has denied you , your card may not be safe .
To get your card safe , you must enter the site of your bank and look for " secure payment" , " pay internet", etc, or contact your office.
Each entity securitization process is different. It is usual to find a setting in your retail, in paragraph cards, which allows you to make sure your card.

Making sure your card is that your card will be accepted at all websites so that when you make a purchase , the system will force you to accept the purchase with a code that only you know. Depending on entities may be a personal question, a code that you send sms via a code card, etc. T
This information you enter within a 100 % secure platform within your organization that then allows or denies buying process.

Remember we are at your disposal, and you can contact us via email by filling the ( +34) 947 042 371 Contact Form, or by telephone.