If you have any questions about an item or the buying process, you can contact us by phone (+34 947 042 371), email (contact (at) roundtripshop. com), or through the web contact form (top right of screen).

Anyway, here is a summary of the buying process step by step.

View and select products:

If you want to see the specific features of a product and the availability of size or color, you must click the product image you want.
On the product page you will see on the left big picture, which will expand when the cursor passes over it, and a series of thumbnail images below. If you want to see these images a lot, hover over the one you want to see big.

To the right of the main image, you will see the description of the item as well as the main features. You can also select the desired size or color.

Note that the colors of the items may vary depending on the color settings, or display model you use.

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Add products to cart:
To purchase, so you just have to add products to cart. This can be done by clicking on the "add to cart".

When you already have your shopping list, and wish to confirm the order, you must access your cart.

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Login to cart and enter discount coupons or vouchers:
The basket you will always appear at the top right of the screen and appears when you move the cursor over . The button "confirm" the bottom of the basket is in dropdown .

When you have already entered the basket , the process is simple. A summary of your purchase, the cost Estimated shipping (default for Spain and Portugal is displayed. If you want your order to be shipped outside of Spain or Portugal , you must enter the delivery address below, or log into your account customer)

If you have a coupon or voucher , it's time to enter. To do this you have a right by the total amount of your purchase space. Once you have entered , press Ok and it will automatically calculate the total again.
You can enter as many coupons or vouchers as you like. The system itself will tell whether they are compatible with the items in your cart.

Now you can continue to browse the web , or continue with the checkout process by clicking below .

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Id or Register:
Now is the time to identify if you have not done before. You must enter the email account and password you used when you registered on our website.
If you are a new customer, register with a valid email address, as this is what we will use to contact you and inform you of the status of your order.

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Shipping Address:
Once you've identified or registered in our website, you can continue the process of purchase indicating where you wish to send the order, and what direction you want to put on your bill.

If you have already registered an address, you appear by default, but you must enter. If the delivery or billing address is not the one you want, you can add a new one by clicking the button you'll find before the comments for your order.

At the bottom of the page, there is a space for you to leave us any details you want about your order, such as delivery time, or if you can provide reception or concierge. If it is a gift and did not want us to include product prices, etc ...

To continue the checkout process, we click Next.

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Shipping Methods:

In this step you specify the shipping price for the delivery address you've selected, and available shipping options.

Also, you can ask us to be gift-wrapped at no additional cost.

Before you pay the order, you must accept the Terms and Conditions of Use, and click "next".

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Payment of my order:

Bank transfer:
If you want you can pay your order by bank transfer or deposit into our account. This process is slower , because until we do not receive your payment, we can not ship the order. Depending on entities , this process can take up to 3 business days (transfers made ​​from Spain ) .
We recommend you send us a confirmation of transfer or payment to expedite the process . You can do this in the email orders ( at) roundtripshop.com

Credit card or debit:
Undoubtedly, the option we recommend.
All our credit card payments are made through the payment platform Redsys 4b , admitting only Secured Cards . This means that when you continue with the purchase, you are directed via a secure connection to 4b- Redsys environment , where you must enter the details of the credit or debit card you want to use . Hence, your bank will ask you some information that only you know, being a process 100 % safe.
Remember: Your credit card details are handled directly by 4b, and are never stored or manipulated by Roundtripshop.com

Remember the end of the process as it will return a confirmation on our website!

Paypal is a convenient way to pay your purchases online. If you want you can use this form of payment. To do this just select it , and to continue the process , you will be directed to the Paypal website where you will be shown a summary of order with the total amount of the purchase . Select the payment method you prefer Paypal , and finally , continuing the process until the end.

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Order Confirmation:
To finish, and having chosen any payment option, you must ultimately be directed to the website of our store, where you display a catalog number, and some details.
You also receive an email with the order confirmation. If not, you can contact us by phone, our consultation chat, or email orders (at) roundtripshop.com. You can also use our web form.

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