Roundtrip is a store that is in Burgos. The store is a place where street wear and music are the protagonists.
The most characteristic trademark representing Roundtrip is Skunkfunk, as part of the image of the store since it opened back in 2004 and Hydroponic, Circa, Dakine, and Timezone. Later Bench, Iriedaily and Globe, brands that perfectly represent the essence of fashion that we like, with a strong urban character arrived.

Roundtrip online:

In 2010 we launched our online store, with which we approach these customers looking for a trusted, safe, and which are not just an email. For us our customers are important, and we strive every day to try to offer the best of us.

Roundtrip is music:

Roundtrip has always been a musical reference in Burgos, because since it opened gave the best advice for Djs in the purchase of your equipment, and also offered the latest weekly international electronic music on vinyl and cd format.
Back in 2010, the vinyls and cds were left out of the shelves, but this has not done that over the years has lost its musical Roundtrip essence, since the music is part of the personality of the store.
From Roundtrip always have been proposed musical activities and events, as various proposals have been developed as musical showcases, music evenings or in which different local djs have shared their music with friends and clients.

Roundtrip Events:

Roundtrip always works in events with the idea of ​​supporting the local scene. We like skateboarding, and that is why we have worked in different skate events that have been developed in our city.
Also, from Roundtrip, various proposals have been supported in various entertainment venues of the city, including the flagship Buenas Noches Burgos, and festivals CreA where we celebrated with clients and friends the past anniversaries. For these events have passed international Djs the likes of Kiki, Xpansul, Vicknoise or Daxta Fernando, along with other local artists.