It is always gratifying to receive new products to help you in your shopping choices at Roundtrip Shop. This time we are pleased to bring you the new HOFF Sneakers collection for the new spring-summer 2021 season.


Montreal model by HOFF:

Discover through the eyes of hoff a French-inspired city with a passion for festivals, art, delicious cuisine, good living and enjoying everything to the fullest.

hoff montreal

HOFF Brussels model:

Historic yet modern, administrative yet quirky, proud of itself yet unremarkable, Brussels is multicultural to the core. The best place to enjoy contradictions.

hoff bruselas

HOFF Model Mexico:

hoff mexico

Model Rome by HOFF:

Rome is a combination of awe-inspiring art, energetic street life and breathtaking ruins. Its streets will captivate you; elegant piazzas, ostentatious fountains and a historic skyline. One of the most romantic cities in the world. Enjoy the dolce vitta lifestyle.

hoff rome

HOFF Miami model:

Miami is a city of many charms, from its art deco attractions to stunning beaches. You can also find tropical gardens, a lively nightlife and taste its flamboyant cuisine.

hoff miami

HOFF's Porto model:

A city born from the banks of the Douro River, edgy but elegant Porto seduces with its historic centre, superb food and wine, and charming locals.

For this model we recommend one size smaller than usual.

hoff oporto

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